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Our beautiful Arkansas dirt roads provide vital connections for rural farms, communities, and commerce.

But these sinuous gravel ribbons through the hills and hollers also provide adventurous recreation opportunities for those on foot, bike, and horse. We believe that the Rural Recreational Road experience can provide safe, adventurous connections with the rural parts of our state.

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A route is a pre-determined path to take to have an enjoyable experience on foot or bike or horseback. In the case of Rural Recreational Roads, it’s usually a loop, bringing the user back to the starting point of route.

How to Activate Gravel Riding in Your Community

Are you interested in designating county roads in your community as Rural Recreational Roads? Here are the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen.

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Gravel is the fastest-growing form of cycling and is more accessible to beginners than mountain biking. A significant number of people have access to this activity right from their front porch.
Tom Walton

The iconic Sugar Creek Road tree canopy, Bentonville.

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